Blooket as a Formative Assessment Tool

Blooket is an assessment-focused tool that enables educators to host quiz games and engage students in a fun and interactive learning environment. Teachers can use Blooket to create a variety of question sets, including multiple-choice and drag-and-drop styles. The site is simple to navigate and allows for much flexibility when hosting student games. You can randomize student names, determine the number of questions students will be asked, and much more. Unlike other websites, Blooket allows students to participate in the game from their smartphones or tablets. This makes it a perfect option for students learning from home or elsewhere.

Assigning a Blooket game to students as homework is a great way to reinforce important lessons and test their knowledge. This is also an effective way to excite students about their learning material. In addition, Blooket has a wide range of game modes to choose from. For example, Cafe challenges students to serve food to customers; Tower of Doom allows them to build a character and battle other Blooks in a competitive game. Each game mode includes several features that help keep the learning going and make it more exciting. For instance, students can earn points for answering questions quickly and compete against others to win prizes. The game interface is easy to navigate, and the results page is clear and accurate. It provides useful information about the games students have played, which will help you monitor their progress and identify areas of need.

Blooket is a free website that teachers can use to create and host quiz games for their students. It has hundreds of pre-made question sets, or you can create your own. You can also search for other question sets created by other educators. Once you have created your questions, you can use the Blooket website to host a live game for your students. To do this, click on the “Host” button and choose a game mode from your dashboard. You can then share the link with your students so that they can join the game on their devices. There are a variety of game modes to choose from, including Gold Quest and Battle Royale.

Blooket Encourages Student Collaboration

Blooket Encourages Student Collaboration

Blooket is a great student assessment tool allowing students to engage in their learning goals while playing games on their devices. It’s easy to use and accessible from home, school, or anywhere else with an internet connection. Blooket can be used for any subject, and it’s a great way to reinforce key classroom concepts with some competitive spirit. Teachers can host a game mode with questions on a screen or projector, and then students can join the game using their own devices. They can also insert a Blooket link into other platforms like Seesaw and Google Classroom for individualized learning opportunities.

Teachers can create their own question sets or choose a pre-made set from a variety of game modes. Once they’ve created their game, they can send it to all of their students for homework or host it in class for group participation. Students in class can answer the quiz questions as a group and receive immediate feedback on their answers. This can be a valuable learning experience completed while the teacher is teaching the lesson or after class when students are free from other obligations.


Collaboration is an important element of a strong classroom culture. It enables students to develop leadership, decision-making, communication, and interpersonal skills. It can also improve student performance, particularly for outliers. One of the best ways to build collaborative skills is through group projects. These can include problem-solving, research, and other teamwork activities. The best ones will give students time to build relationships, develop communication and conflict resolution skills, and set up norms for teamwork and a clear process to deal with issues that arise.

In addition, these activities can provide opportunities to build student empathy and awareness of others’ needs. For example, students can learn about the needs of their classmates by creating a group project that focuses on their own communities. When students are working together on a project, they should have a shared understanding of what success looks like. Then, they should develop their own standards of success for themselves and their peers. This is especially true of challenging and engaging collaborative projects that require a lot of research, discussion, and debate.

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